Donate to CALA

supporting your community in this crucial time

Every contribution CALA receives has an immediate, immense impact on our ability to serve the most disadvantaged and underserved, while supporting their communities’ grassroots activism. Because of our unique “community activism lawyering” model, we spend little on overhead such as office space or administrative support, which we receive from our community partners and volunteers; your support directly impacts CALA's ability to serve families who must struggle to get aid in times where they are unfairly forgotten, or increasingly, targeted by our legal system.

We are proud to announce that in our second year we served over 2000 families through our community clinics, self-help workshops, and education programs. With your help, we will serve many more in the coming years.

Your contribution will help support our existing clinics and our new initiatives for 2017:

 1. An attorney to staff our new racial justice community activism-law clinic,

 2. Know Your Rights Trainings to hundreds of immigrants,

 3. CALA Helpline - free immigration screenings and legal consultations to any immigrant who can’t access a lawyer, and

 4. Citizenship workshops to hundreds of legal permanent residents.

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