Last Chance to Donate! Help Us Reach Our $20,000 Goal!


Today is the last day of our Fiscal Year! Our goal is to raise $20,000 by midnight tonight. Can we count on your donation to help us reach this goal? Click here to donate now!

This year, we hired four new staff, engaged volunteers, created our special initiatives, and built partnerships with housing justice, immigration rights, and racial justice organizations in Chicago. It was a great year thanks to your support! As we start the 2018 Fiscal Year, we want to continue our important work and expand our impact. To do that, we need your help! Your donation supports the following work:


Know Your Rights (KYR) Workshops provide immigrants with crucial information for encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. These workshops have been attended by more than 1478 families since December 2016!

Family Emergency Preparedness (FEP) Workshops help immigrants make a plan for their family, home, and belongings in the case that they are placed in deportation proceedings. These workshops have prepared 121 families and educated over 100 more since March 2017!


For immigrants, calling 911 is often not an option. The CALA helpline is an alternative resource, providing safe, free, and crucial legal assistance to immigrants. The helpline has provided over 235 families with legal consultations since December 2016!



CALA and other community organizations across Chicago have come together to demand SANCTUARY FOR ALL by amending Chicago’s Welcoming City Ordinance (WCO). The ordinance protects immigrants within the City of Chicago and limits collaboration between the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). But it still has major “carve-outs” or exceptions that leave many immigrants vulnerable to ICE. 

Ending Mass Eviction:

Everyday, families are uprooted from our communities. Large property management companies often take advantage of immigrants by withholding a written lease and forcibly removing them with little notice.

On February 13, 2017, CALA and the Autonomous Tenants Union joined 25 Albany Park families for a press conference and rally to stop a developer's mass eviction. CALA provided legal support to the families facing eviction and displacement as these families fought for their rights--and the rights to stay in their community!


You can be part of a movement that is keeping families together and in their homes, giving immigrants the power to advocate for themselves, and resisting the exploitative policies of our current administration. In times like these, we should stand together with our immigrant communities. Make a donation today!