CALA will open its 4th community activism law clinic this week on May 7, 2015, extending its free community-based, activism-driven legal services to the far southside of Chicago, and surrounding suburbs. The clinic will be co-operated by Centro de Trabajadores Unidos: Immigrant Workers Project (CTU).

The clinic will operate every Thursday from 4pm-8pm. It will alternate between CTU's office at 3200 East 91st Street Chicago, Illinois 60617, and the Progress Center for Independent Living’s (PCIL) office at 12940 S. Western Ave., 3rd Fl, Blue Island, IL 60406, under the following schedule:

1st Thursday of Each Month (Walk-In Intakes): CTU, 3200 East 91st, Chicago

2nd Thursday of Each Month (Walk-In Intakes): PCIL, 3200 East 91st, 12940 S. Western Ave., 3rd Fl, Blue Island

3rd Thursday of Each Month (By Appointment Only): CTU, 3200 East 91st, Chicago

4th Thursday of Each Month (By Appointment Only): PCIL, 3200 East 91st, 12940 S. Western Ave., 3rd Fl, Blue Island

CALA's CTU Community Activism Law Clinic will be a free, full-service legal clinic for low-income individuals. It will provide a wide-range of services from advice, extended assistance, representation, to community legal education.  The clinic will provide free consultations, along with advice and self-advocacy assistance in nearly all areas of civil law. Additional services, including representation, will be available for housing, immigration, criminal records, and employment/labor cases. Legal services, including full representation, will be completely free of charge to clients. Additionally, the CTU Clinic will support CTU’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)/DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability) and citizenship workshops. 

As with all our CALA's community activist partnerships, CALA will provide legal support for CTU's organizing, advocacy, consciousness raising, community leadership development, and other activism efforts. 

TU is an activist work center founded by a group of immigrant workers "determined to create a stable resource to serve Chicago’s southeast side." Their mission "is to have a powerful immigrant run organization in the southeast side of Chicago that will educate workers on their rights, develop leadership within the immigrant community, support and organize all workers as they fight for their rights in the workplace and fight for changing policy that increases standards for immigrant workers. The long-term vision would also include a component that would offer career advancement so immigrant workers can advance from low-wage, low-skill jobs into the high-skill jobs of our new economy.”

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