Our Clinics

CALA currently operates five "community activism law clinics" to meet the needs of underserved clients and communities. Each clinic is operated 100% collaboratively with and in the spaces of our community activist partners.  

With, for, and in the communities which really need our help... 


The Chicago Bar Foundation offers a comprehensive guide for finding legal assistance in the Chicago area. You can access the guide online:http://chicagobarfoundation.org/PDF/pro-bono/find-legal-help/legal-aid-guide.pdf

Illinois Legal Aid Online offers free information on hundreds of legal topics, guided self-help forms, and referrals to other sources of legal assistance. Visit them at IllinoisLegalAid.org and AyudaLegalIL.org.

CARPLS (Coordinated Advice and Referral Program for Legal Services) offers free/low cost telephone advice, referrals, and court-based help-desk services for Cook County residents. You can reach CARPLS by calling its hotline number, 312.738.9200 or visiting carpls.org.

State of Illinois Domestic Violence 24-hour Help Line. Call 877.863.6338 or visit this site.

If you live outside of Cook County, you can contact the following organizations, you should contact:

Prairie State Legal Services
Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation
DuPage Legal Aid Service
Immigration Project

If you live outside of Illinois, The American Bar Association offers a Consumers' Guide to Legal Help for information about every state.

For private attorneys, contact The Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service or The Illinois State Bar’s Lawyer Finder.