Look at what cala has done in its first three months:

Presenting CALA's three month scrapbook created by our new volunteer development associate, Theresa Nguyen 

It’s been an amazing three months for CALA; for a brand-new organization, what we’ve been able to achieve has far surpassed our expectations. 

We’ve opened three clinics.

Since October 14th, the opening of our Enlace Community Activism Law Clinic, we’ve created three free clinics for undocumented immigrants, day laborers, and sex workers (which just opened mid-December).

We’ve already helped over 200 families.

In slightly over 2 months, CALA has helped over a 100 families. We have provided free legal services to approximately 90 clients through our 3 clinics, and many more through our workshops and trainings.

We’ve developed an amazing board.

With the recent addition of Anthony Borich of Jenner & Block, CALA’s board now has 8 dedicated, passionate members with diverse skills and talents. They’ve put together a development plan for CALA that we’ll be implementing in 2015.

We’ve supported numerous organizations through our recently launched community legal education and activism support initiatives.  

In addition to the cases we have helped through our clinics, we’ve supported Chicago’s most disadvantaged communities through several legal rights education events. We also took on some organizational cases to help improve the activism capacities of our community partners, as well as a few other activist organizations.

Our new volunteer development associate, Theresa Nguyen, put together the following scrapbook to capture CALA's achievements in its first three months. 

Our success could not have happened without your support. Thank you! Thank you!

CALA has several exciting projects planned for 2015, and we are hopeful that we’ll be able to sustain and build upon our initial success.

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