Two CALA Clinics Opening Up Soon

         CALA is in the process of finalizing logistics for its first two community-based activism law clinics: one serving the Little Village community and one for Chicago-area immigrants. Both clinics will be up and running by October. Each independent clinic will cater specifically to the needs of the community served; they will be operated in a collaboration with a community partner, who will assist with the clinic's operations. The clinics will offer a full-range of free legal services to low-income members of the community. The services will include advice, extended assistance for self-advocacy, supervised pro bono representation, trainings and pro-se workshops, as well as full legal representation. The clinics will be holistic, client-centered, and community-responsive. That is, every client will receive at least some form of assistance, while those clients with cases falling into priority areas (identified by community members) are eligible to receive free legal representation.   

         Stay tuned for more details of each clinic and CALA's selected partner community organizations.