CALA's Sex Workers Activism Law Clinic Offering Online Screening

CALA's Sex Workers Activism Law Clinic, operated with SWOP-Chicago (Sex Workers Rights Project) will immediately start offering online screening for clients. 

In order to offer an effective, convenient method for sex workers to access free legal services, individuals can obtain, or be referred for, consultations about their legal issues, and follow-up appointments, by completing CALA-SWOP's online screening form:

A CALA attorney will respond to the form submission and offer information and advice, and/or arrange an in-person appointment at CALA's SWOP Activism Law Clinic, when additional services may be provided, including free representation. 

CALA's SWOP Community Activism Law Clinic is a free, full-service legal clinic for individuals involved in/affected by sex work, or have experienced sexual exploitation. The clinic is open for intakes of new cases, twice a month, with follow-up appointments as well as trainings and workshops occurring in between intakes sessions. It provides a wide-range of services from advice and community legal education to full representation. As always, all legal services, including full representation, are completely free of charge to clients.

The next clinics are March 15th (3-6pm) and March 16th (6-9pm) at 1700 S Loomis.