CALA's impact in Lake County

CALA’s newest clinic is a partnership with the well-regarded immigrant-services organization, Mano a Mano in Lake County. Per a legal audit completed by Mano, there are only 2-3 immigration attorneys in all of Lake County. Of those,  all are private attorneys charging market rates. Due to generous funding, our Lake County legal clinic is able to offer free and/or reduced fee services to families throughout the county. Without our services, many families in Lake County simply would never be able to attempt to adjust status.
A recent case is an example of how our assistance can make all the difference in the communities we serve. Mr. Moreno Santillan’s daughter was murdered by a former partner in August. Since then, he has been in court trying to adopt his granddaughters and assisting the police in the investigation of his daughter’s murder. While Prairie State Legal Service’s have provided legal assistance for the adoption, Mr. Moreno Santillan had not been able to find anyone to help with his immigration case because he could not afford legal fees. Because of  CALA, he is now receiving free immigration assistance and is on the path to resolving his immigration issues. Mr. Moreno Santillan is relieved that he can finally breathe a little easier and doesn’t have to live in constant fear.