Chicago Law Activists Fight Trump Orders with New Immigration Resources

In light of President Trump’s unsubstantiated and dangerous comments on undocumented immigrants in Chicago, the Community Activism Law Alliance (CALA) has created two special initiatives: the CALA Immigration Helpline and Know Your Rights Community Workshops. Both campaigns provide completely free support to immigrant communities—particularly those who are not eligible for federally-funded programs—and organizations serving immigrants that do not have access to an attorney.

Though CALA has been providing legal help to underserved communities since 2014, these new resources reflect the mobilization needed to resist the recent executive orders and attacks on immigrant communities. “We won’t stand by while immigrant families and their rights are attacked unjustly” said CALA Executive Director and Founder Lam N. Ho. “We’ve always believed that it’s our responsibility to ensure access to justice to—and empower—those most at risk, and honoring that commitment to our most vulnerable populations is especially important in unsure times like these.”

The CALA Immigration Helpline – 872-267-CALA (2252) – provides free immigration screening and legal consultation to any immigrant caller who does not have access to an attorney. Services are available in both English and Spanish, and calls are checked every weekday between 9:00am and 5:00pm. All callers will be contacted in less than 48 hours for recent detainees, 72 hours for callers with upcoming court dates, and 7 days for all other calls

CALA provides free Know Your Rights community workshops on immigrant rights to any organization, including associations, schools, and churches. The presentations focus on protections and rights for immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants. The Know Your Rights workshops includes information on legal rights when dealing with immigration and police officers, updates on immigration law and policies, and how to prepare for potential legal threats. CALA attorneys also provide knowledge on how to prepare an “emergency kit” to help families at risk for detention or deportation make appropriate plans.

CALA unites lawyers and activists in a collaborative pursuit for justice by leveraging legal services to benefit the most marginalized communities. CALA’s lawyers work with activists to help their communities access justice and pursue social change.