CALA currently operates fifteen "community activism-law programs" to meet the needs of underserved people and communities:

Click on the logo to read Summary of All CALA Programs

Click on the logo to read Summary of All CALA Programs

  • 6 Community Law Offices

  • 9 Activism Partnerships

  • 3 Workshop Programs

  • 1 Immigration Helpline

  • 1 Activism Support Program


Community Law Offices

Each office is operated 100% collaboratively with and in the spaces of our community activist partners. Review the information for each clinic below.

With, for, and in the communities which really need our support... 

Activism Partnerships

CALA provides free legal services for eligible members of our partner organizations based upon their specific needs. Please contact CALA’s partners for more information.

Cala's Community Partnerships map




The Chicago Bar Foundation offers a comprehensive guide for finding legal assistance in the Chicago area. You can access the guide online:http://chicagobarfoundation.org/PDF/pro-bono/find-legal-help/legal-aid-guide.pdf

Illinois Legal Aid Online offers free information on hundreds of legal topics, guided self-help forms, and referrals to other sources of legal assistance. Visit them at IllinoisLegalAid.org and AyudaLegalIL.org.

CARPLS (Coordinated Advice and Referral Program for Legal Services) offers free/low cost telephone advice, referrals, and court-based help-desk services for Cook County residents. You can reach CARPLS by calling its hotline number, 312.738.9200 or visiting carpls.org.

State of Illinois Domestic Violence 24-hour Help Line. Call 877.863.6338 or visit this site.

If you live outside of Cook County, you can contact the following organizations, you should contact:

Prairie State Legal Services
Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation
DuPage Legal Aid Service
Immigration Project

If you live outside of Illinois, The American Bar Association offers a Consumers' Guide to Legal Help for information about every state.

For private attorneys, contact The Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service or The Illinois State Bar’s Lawyer Finder.