Daphnee Camilien - Staff Attorney

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Daphnee joined CALA as a Staff Attorney. Daphnee has years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Her experience spans criminal law, immigration and contract law.

Daphnee worked at The John Marshall Law School as a Business Coordinator where her duties included implementing collection policies for all money due from students and tenants in compliance with federal privacy and fair collection laws. While working at the law school, Daphnee began taking night classes. As a student she participated in the International Academy of Dispute Resolution and was a member of the Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Honors Board.  Daphnee earned a Juris Doctor and Master of Science in Information Technology degree from The John Marshall Law School. In addition, she holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Society and Psychology from Purdue University.

Daphnee is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and is the current President of the Haitian American Lawyer’s Association. Lastly, in her spare time Daphnee enjoys traveling.

 Daphnee is a first-generation Haitian-American, daughter of Haitian immigrant parents. Daphnee brings a unique insight to her immigration practice. Daphnee speaks Haitian Creole.